Yay!! Finally the holiday season is here and I feel so happy that the exams and studying are over, I’m on school breaks for 20 days! Yay! Nice isn’t it? went out last night to party with my classmates and we had a blast time in Route 66 and met with guys (LOL guys again!) the Niggar friend of Giselle and Rooney, I enjoyed the night with friends like this dancing sexily and teasing each others away. This is way too fun to deny! saw couple of hot guys white trash, but No no.. and No more American Dude! End of story! don’t ask me ever again! Giselle was so funny she told me she wants to introduce me to a new group of friends well those her Latina/Latino friends in Bangkok! =D I’m so looking forward to meet them, so far already met the Middle East clan and International clan, Cool people I must say at least better than the skanky barbie bitches in school LOL.
Time for packing – and off I go for Holiday!

Well well, I’m not totally excited about this whole Holiday trip. My stuff still lay around in bed, luggage left open, some jacket and coats are all over the place. Not sure which to pack first or last and honestly I have no motivation to pack AT ALL! BIG TIME
You will go somewhere new and meet all the new people, and the new environment and good change will make you feel worthwhile again.” This is what I’ve been telling myself, move on. Go out there and be who you are and happy with yourself again. Actually I really can’t find the reason why I feel so down and gloomy… Come on babe its just a holiday…Go Go Go you will never know what will happen later, you have to find out from this trip. Yeah I just dun feel my heart in it, my mind is asking me to go it’s the right thing babe, but my heart is telling me to pull out from this trip. I cannot simply just dash someone’s hope and dream away just because of my selfish decision and unclear mind but maybe when I am sober from this whole thing I will be okay and enjoying the whole trip again. Just hope that it won’t happen too late….
Okay Dokie! I’m going back to packing, the weather in Guang zhou is quite COLD and I’ve got lots to prepare, so better get the work done. 


God Help me Please!!! I have to get going but my heart won’t let me leave my legs refuse to move, my ass still manning the desk, my hands are still busy. My heart out of the window and my head is still living in a dream and they both refused to work together! Just give me this once!!!! Please!! Please!!
Fine..seriously Move on and Get a life!!!! 

Bisous xxx

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