Music Home

Soft opening of Music Home Karaoke and Restaurant was a good time for me to catch up with all my friends in Ramkamhaeng Area. I’ve not seen them for almost 4 months since I started schooling in Bang Khen area, I kinda missed talking about work, tour group coming in and stuff with my ex-boss and my ex-colleagues. I was so pleased when my best friend told me the restaurant was gonna open soonish. Check out the restaurant and the newly facelift Music Home version 2009.
Smoking area, look kinda relaxing with mini size fountain flowers

  comfortable zone you can enjoy the soccer match on LCD or the music from Karaoke
Karaoke and the stage – Sing Your Heart =)

Red Hot Seat for the Red Hot Powerhouse!
Another favourite corner of mine…
Now we are going up-stair to check out the terrace and the ambience. If you are karaoke-lover who loves to sing your heart out, First floor is definitely for you, but if you would like to chill out and smoke or simple enjoying chatting away with friends and a big projector screen to watch soccer, 2nd floor is definitely what you are looking for. =)

Outside the premises…nicely decorated by Oshi
The waitresses are working really hard on the stair =)

Soccer match looks good up here =) with a big projector screen
Another corner with orchids..and The 2 sexy Waitresses

First Group of VIP =)
I feel Like home man – It’s good to be back home and where I belong!

The VIPs are going down to Sing some Chinese Songs and then we will try the food =) the new dishes.

Food Tasting with Chef Leo one of my Good Friends.
The Chef and Me Singing 
This song going out to All the Girls “I will survive”

Gosh what a night! I had so much fun and was so happy to see all the Love ones. I was suppose to be mugging for my final exams but there I was Party Like there’s no tomorrow. It is worth the deal to trade this with my final exams studying week. =) 

Signing off the cute waitress sent us off..
Music Home
Here is the address:
Music Home
Ramkamhaeng Soi 24, Subsoi Bangkok Interplace or Subsoi 19
The food menu and the new dishes will be updated soon

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