It’s coming to an End

Finally…All the tough subjects are over, left only easy breezy subjects. I feel kinda lazy to read and revise for those subject but I’m gonna at least touch and run just need the guidelines. I was out with Giselle my girl friend at Major Ratchayothin, as I was having this craving for Maccas, blame it on the marketing paper that I took on Monday! it was asking students to give example of Franchising and JIT (Just In Time) and the first thing that came to my mind was Maccas!! International and it’s soo nice! While I was writing my mind was drooling I knew I must go get Maccas at the end of this paper cos we don’t have paper on the next day.

Instead of getting Maccas I got Take away A La Carte from my dorm and Beer. I was thinking of maybe I can go with Giselle since I need to do some quick shopping and I know Giselle gonna be back to the Dorm on Tuesday so..Yippie!! I finally get to eat Maccas, 

Happily enjoying Fillet O Fish & Mc Nugget and Coke Zero
She had her Coke and Fries 
I’m very pleased with my Fillet O Fish and Nugget
After our stomachs filled with food, I would call this a sinful treat, Gosh I have not had this for a long time since I got back from Singapore…Simply because the Maccas in Singapore is way better than here not to mention the worst Maccas I had was at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, I’m kinda fussy eater I just realised!

We proceed to the next mission…Quick Shopping! I needed to get some cold wears and Leggings for my trip, I miss my coat and my cold-wear accessories!!! I never expect to travel again cos I thought that besides Singapore and Chiang Mai, I am not going any where unless it is my friends’ wedding or something really important. Giselle seem rather tired as she was kinda sick down with flu and cold argghh the weather sucks…that’s right! but she still can pulled this kinda cute pose for me!

Well I’ve got some stuff for myself and yeah I mean I’m not gonna be in that country forever yeah…so I just get something that can be used at all time. I don’t know I mean I just don’t follow trend of fashion or whatsoever, But I sure do have my own style…Just being me!
Without Blazer
With Blazer (I like this one better)
Giselle was my stylist and she gave great advice, about many things not just fashion! She also help me in my studies Maths, Microeconomics and some Spanish Lesson, She’s awesome and I really enjoyed being with her. Here are some silly pics of me taken with G.

I’m gonna be in China, Guangzhou from 20 Dec 2009 – 1 Jan 2010, Can’t wait to be there I heard that the weather today is at 10 ‘ C. I’m kinda afraid of cold but I guess I have to deal with it. Went to Embassy to collect my passport and visa this morning – Ripped off price Single Entry visa to China 30 Days L Class, cost Like Singapore $ 50 WTF!!! and after this trip I will have to go back to Chiang Mai then back to school! Sucks Big time I’m rushing like madness!!!!!…
I gotta go off now, have to sit for the next paper in an hour, have to at least read up and at least try to memorise as much as I can =) It’s easy I know it’s better to be sure and have some idea…
Oh! and after my last paper on the 18th I still have to go back to school and film some commercial video, for SIC man this is kicking my ass!! I’ve not even pack my luggage!!! Party and Packing then Airport!!!!
I will try to update my blog when I’m in China that’s the promise that I gave to myself =P
xxx…Wish me luck 加油!!!!

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