Examination Style in SPU

I must say I am not smart or rather book smart neither Street smart, I’m not really wise but I know what I am doing. This whole week is the examination week for students in SPU and International College. The ugly truth about this whole thing that I must somewhat willing to admit is that students often run to ladies or gents to look at their notes that hidden in one of the store room =( sad to see isn’t it….
In one of my friend’s examination room, they mentioned to me that some of the students keep running back to the Toilet every now and then to look at the definition of certain words and terms, my friends and I find it so sad, for that kind of acts and behaviour.We were studying so damn hard for all the subjects and even if we can’t do it we will just try our best and write whatever we know. These people I can understand that English is not their first language so it isn’t mine and for the rest of us, just like Maths; this is one of the subject that I often submit blanked answer sheet but at least I did tried to do it until the time is up. I know I am weak in maths and I can not understand what the teacher said in class, but I push myself by doing research online, ask my friends whoever good in maths to help me, or just at least give me advice on it. I will never do a massive copy or cheat in the exams. That is not me! I am not smart like I said but I try to work harder on the subject I’m weak. I’m not perfect but I valued my pride and dignity more than the trophy in school.

I live a normal life like normal and regular students, I have friends, drinking like crazy party once in a while and getting myself into nonsensical issue when it doesn’t  have to be that way. However this is part and puzzle of life that I’ve chose to go through and willing to learn whatever I could; being judgemental is one of the thing that I hate the most, being manipulative is the vocab that I will never let it appear in my dictionary, Jealousy – never occurred to me and last thing sincerity<= now this is important to me. I don’t care about competition in school, whoever gets good grades or good GPA scores—that’s great for them because they probably work their ass off for that. Not my right to be jealous of them and in the end not giving me tuition, or ignore their phone call, and/or not talking to them at all. 

Different people possess different kind of skills and have different brain capacities. Some people can be really good in maths but dumb in languages or literature and for some people are really good with languages, but are also dumb in maths. I’m very pleased with the exam today even though I was having trouble understanding the questions as the questions weren’t clear to me therefore I don’t understand what the questions wanted me to answer. But at least I tried my best and I know I’ve done well and that I’m proud of myself…
2 more days to go and this whole ugly things will be over, and I’m on my way to Holidayyyy!
I’m gonna go take a nap now my brain is dead and I’m tired from waking up soo early today when I only have afternoon paper…anyway I’m glad that the visa and everything been settled so now I just have to focus on my last 2 papers…

Thank God for always be there for me!!! xxx


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