Study Week

I’ve been pretty busy preparing for my final exams, with 7 modules on the way and I must pass all of them at least give me a D or if I could do Better Gimme a C Please…Haha I have to work extra hard for the A yeah cos I know I’m kinda lazy ass. Surprisingly the first few days of the studying week I was kinda cool with it, but right now at this moment…I’m sorta freaking out! 

Went out to get my hair done, had good food, and a nap…well that’s not enough to relax me LOL I mean it! I need a Spa Treat! Another thing…I’ve been running in and out of the Embassy, yeah Embassy of the People’s Republic of China…Thaaa daaaa…Yes! I’m going away to China for Christmas and New Year! Can’t wait to see my “Ai Ai”, I guess I know what happen now! Hah! since knowing that I’ll be travelling, I sort of wanna do some shopping but timing kinda off..I won’t have enough time to do the shopping; according to my plan, I’m suppose to get my ass on the plane on the 19 or 20 Dec! Big Rush! The last day of my final exams is on 18 Dec! “THE VERY LEAST PLEASE LET ME HAVE PARTY WITH MY CREWS JUST A BIT BEFORE WE ALL HEAD OFF TO HOLIDAYS, JUST ONE NIGHT ONLY” ^_^ Then after that I gotta do the power packing LOL, I’ve never been to the cold country, or live in a cold country…always in love with Bikini and some skimpy and simple clothes…cold wears are definitely not my cup of tea..I mean I can’t imagine myself being wrap up and looking like a Shrimp Wantan right? (Oh! Wantan is dumpling) Bah! I just hope everything will goes smoothly I’m not having a bad hangover the very next day….

For now I just need to focus and study hard for my final exams and stay away from the computer for a week! I hope I could do that…I started to have a massive headache earlier today because of too much reading and stay on the computer for too long. I think if my body could speak it would have said “please stop torturing me, please take good care of me and my brain would says I wanna vomit words enough that’s enough” yah That is just too lame..twat me!

Finished dinner and gonna watch film, to relax my brain just a bit before start studying again. Tomorrow, Access to Library and Information systems and Microeconomics papers…Keep my fingers cross and Pray hard! 

 Tu me manques….bisous xxx


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