There are so many things I want to say, I want to write, I want to express it out….but I just couldn’t find the right word to describe my feeling at this point of time. 

I’m Hurt…..

That would be the best word….

I never expect this whole thing to turned out the way it is right now, but I guess the best is I should have never said anything at all…I should just let it be….

Not too late for me to put the stop sign and get out of that person’s life completely…I know this is special very special to me or rather stupid of me…because that person have never been talking to me in a nice way, yet I’m still there, let “it” walked all over me….Too bad this is not going to happen again…I can be extremely nice and sweet, but that person also has to be nice enough for me to be sweet and gentle or must be worthy enough for me to be that “girl”. 

Why do you have to be so harsh? Why do I have to be this dumb? Well I’m still learning….so..

Reality check!

Does He cares if I’m hurt? – No.
Does He cares about me feeling? – No.
Has He been nice to me? – No.
Does He feel anything about this? – No.

The silly..Fool me =)

For the first time in my life I feel I’m being used for something that I hate the most…I can’t believe this person could be so Cruel, Mean and HARSH…..

I left my wounded heart open just for now and I will Be BETTER…In TIME 

I dun need any more dramas or games. I’m just me and I’m know who I am and How I feel….just Don’t Push me!

Don’t start giving me name tag as “LIAR” Because I think that’s a double standard from what I see…from what happened…


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