SIC Cultural Day

One of the activities to promote the International College, it could be a very good event if only the faculty were to take it more serious not like some kind of Temple Annual Fun Fair. I was assigned to be the MC together with Rooney, we thought this was gonna be formal event but…surprisingly it turned out to be quite a mess. However it wasn’t all that bad because of the Wonder Girls managed to pull the event together again and they were brilliant! Very professionally done the routines were sexy and sensation!
Handsome MC & Jinny Wonder girls
The Wonder Girls

The Director of SIC and the teachers with the Wonder girls

The performance was fantastic, the audiences Love them so much! I’m proud of them well at least they represent the new Generation of SIC, they dare to make a different and break free from the old traditional SIC. Unfortunately the organizer team disappoint us all big time. It was a big rush and it was kinda awkward for the MC (Me and Rooney) nevertheless we got it over and done with in a short period of time. Oh! we had a surprised show from foreign students; Myanmar, Chile, Thai, and Me LOL it was funny we were doing this show called “Que Sera – Whatever will be will be” I didn’t know that the girls planned to do anything but well it was last minute and it was hilarious!

Giselle, Me, Otto, and Kate

Que sera sera….

” I ask my sweetheart what would I be”

The quality wasn’t that great though cos taken from BB phone 😛 Thanks to my lovely sisters Jinny, Hopefully I will get some of the copy out of the SIC media guys. 

In this event we had set up booths like Thai tradition dessert, Thai Fruit carving and Souvenir. It was a small internal event, but still I think they have to seriously consider their strategies in promoting if they want to make it big or really good…a proper organization team seriously gonna be in need to arrange and do all the stuff. 

The girls were really cute =)

That’s the Lame me while helping the girls with their outfits.
I really hope that the school will do something about it, stop making use of students without putting in any input and just expecting everything to be perfect…Hard work and Labour Do not come cheap, don’t complaint if things didn’t turn out right ask yourself what have you sacrificed…SIC There’s no free lunch in this world!!! Students come here to study and nobody is rich and have the luxury to invest their money and times in this kind of thing all the time. We all wanna get our studies done and over with so…we should really compromised yah =>? Its the system people….

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