I had a great talk with my Good friend about life and our love lives…in general. She just came back from her trip to up north; Chiangmai & Pai, Mae Hong Sorn, I must admit I kinda jealous of her for not having to be in school and getting her hair messy over the projects and exams like me. Plus she’s making her own living and get to travel heaps too!
I was kinda dull and for no reason I felt the need to release my unpleasant feeling with my girl friend, well yeah it was great session of therapy really!
My very good friend actually reminded me of how my life can be like searching for the perfect pair of shoes that fit me well and gives me comfortable feeling. She mentioned that it’s tough to search for the right pair and the one that won’t give you blisters; therefore I just have to keep on moving, if this store doesn’t have what I’m looking for…forget it…move on to the next one, remember to keep on trying on those shoes that I think might suits me ‘cos I will never know which one would be the pair for me.
I find it to be pretty true, because in life you have to keep on trying until you found what works for you and what does not. She also mentioned to me that right now she feels like she is walking with bare foot because she decided to abandon her shoes as they caused her so much blisters and she would like to let the blisters heal completely before she moved on to the next store for a new pair of shoes
The shoes that fit just nice may not be the shoes that look pretty, but it does make you feel comfortable when you walk or run…you just can’t have it all your way! In fact, the shoes that make us girls look pretty or tall will be the pair that hurt you the most…but it does make you look tall and pretty isn’t it?
Why do we girls have to go for high heels that kill our legs, cause our back aching at the end of the day…simple as that because that kind of shoes give us the power to be beautiful, beautiful posture, tall long legs. The moment we get off those kind of shoes we will able to find happiness again after putting up a brave front that “I am beautiful and this pair of shoes actually look good on me”. 
I made many stops at the shoes stores hoping to find my “just nice” fitted one, but after a long day of walking, my feet hurt like hell and I wanna cry out loud. Why can’t I just walk on bare foot? Is it because I’m afraid that I might step on dog poops? or just because I wanna feel beautiful and confident? or simply because I’m not giving up on finding one? one day I will have the answer to that.
Just like in the games of love; you know that, this person is not good for you but you still wanna give it a try until the point you can’t take it anymore, you will just give up and move on…
Though we know that, that pair of shoes will somehow gives us blister or painful feeling after a long walk and long day of wearing, but we still insist on wearing it cos you feel good with it, a slight tiny pain won’t kill you and thinking that the pain will go away if you wear it often enough…it will be kinda seasoned.
And if…if you can not find any nice pair of shoes that seem to caught your eyes or suits you at all, you will just move on to the next store and keep on searching…keep on getting your feet hurt…one after another store..until you found the perfect one oh maybe with just a little bit scratches here and there…cos there’s nothing perfect in this world…
BUT…..If you are smart enough to know that this kind of cheap shoes will give you blisters and will cause you endless pains, you don’t wanna buy it and you don’t wanna waste your money invest in it…You would rather walk away…bare foot… So when we girls decided to invest our dough into that particular pair of shoes, meaning we decided that “this is it, I don’t know how long I can bear with it but I’m gonna try anyway”.
High heels are good for us girls..occasionally I would say, especially when you feeling really low and you think you lack of power…go on put on that dazzling heels walk on it and you will gain back your power, but again the consequences of after wearing that heels you gonna have to face could be more than what you expected.
Picking the wrong pair of shoes could cause us grief, but if we never try on them we will never know how does it feels like to get blisters and endless back ache or the slight happiness or sense of satisfaction.
One day when I decided to walk on bare foot – That’s when I really am giving up, but doesn’t mean I won’t go for flat shoes with a cute design. I might just gotta learn to wear those beautiful heels on occasion but not gonna be as often as I used to anymore…because it will take times to find the nice pair and only that could give me the feeling like “I wanna wear you everyday”.
Without the blisters I won’t know if I’ll ever find the right one

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