Chainat + Uthaithanee SIC Fieldtrip

Yay! We don’t have to go to school on Monday!!! but guess what we are going on a road trip to Chainat Province & Uthaithanee Province, this road trip is a part of our Thai Studies subject and Comparative Cultural & Society. Basically the students from International Business Communication and International Hotel Management, were expected to go on this trip as our professors wanted us to bond! errr…we have been bonding over the Leo & Red Label 😛 kidding! Some of the students do not know each other that well, so this is a good opportunity for students to participate in activities and get to know each other better. 

I arrived in school at 7 am exactly, well I was soooooo starving so I headed to Family Mart to meet up with Nit and some of my classmates. I bought like Tuna sandwiches, Soy Peptine, Chrysanthemum drink, hot dogs, and lots of snacks then Nit & I headed to the canteen to have a proper quickie Breakfast! Its very important to start your day with breakfast LOL yah and I have been so madly in love with my food and snacks. Set off from SPU Bang Khen campus at 7:45 am, I was still coughing cat & dog though =( thought it would be gone asap once I changed the medications and went to see the doctor again. I started eating again and put on the music from my iPhone ( my 爱爱) best hip hop music and best sound system! Lame eh? but I’m so in love with my 爱爱 my iPhone LOL. It took us about 3 hours to finally get to our first destination. Along the way into the village and the rice fields, I saw one of the farmer, as he was walking the cows I saw he was on the Mobile phone! Kinda funny because this place is seriously Rural! I kinda love it actually. I was thinking if he was communicating with another farmer who is in-charge of another troop of the buffalo or his girlfriend?

Our first stop was at one of the sub-district community in Chai nat Province, the chairman of this community holds a strong beliefs in our King Rama 9 prophecy which is to “live within our means” and is to make use of the natural resources to create jobs and opportunities for the locals. It was brilliant and great though, but I must say I kinda dislike the way the Chairman and the other guy I couldn’t remember his name but all I know was he must be having some sort of inferiority complex, he kept talking about his personal status as in how wealthy he is and that “I am rich but at the end of the day I still come back to the upcountry and live a normal life”. Thank you for that piece of information but we SIC students never asked anything about that part and if you were rich or poor. The second shot came on again when he was explaining about the Powerpoint and the Station we have to visit and learn about how things in there he mentioned “We are sorry even though we are Ban Nork “upcountry” not like in the city something like that, but we still do have fans in this meeting room to provide for you guys because we know you have a very high maintenance! or “Hua Soong” WTF!” We were all waiting for the instruction and how to go about each station and what we gonna be doing. This is not acceptable…Gosh…

we sang we laughed we had fun

Love you all


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