Last minute Shopping

I completely forgot that I have to get the black shoes for the presentation tomorrow, I managed to call one of my sister asked if she would like to go shopping together at the mall nearby our university. Yup!! and there we off hop in to the van that will take us to Central Lad Phrao, actually there’s another nearby shopping place like Major Ratchayothin. Everyday in the evening around 5.30 pm people will start setting up their own territories  by sitting outside Major Ratchayothin building selling all kind of different things from home decor’ to garment the latest trend of fashion which can be found on the roadside of this place. Behind Major Ratchayothing there is also one of the cool place for chilling out, The Avenue Ratchayothin, you can find various kind of food from Japanese Restaurant to Korean Hotpot, Scoozi Pizza and Greyhound Restaurant, etc… It’s one of the nicest place around this area but you won’t be able to find the street food vendor around unless you walk further down off Major Ratchayothin. I’m kinda sick of that place and nothing much to eat too a, my plan was that we’re gonna look for some good stuff to fill our stomachs and needed a change of environment for myself too!

Our first stop was at the glasses stand on the road side and the casual wear shoes shop, and I got myself glasses and casual wear shoes very comfortable. Then after that Nong Nuch took me to Union Mall the one opposite Central Lad Phrao. Honestly I’ve never been to Union Mall since I got back from Singapore, I hardly come out shopping or for a walk, the weather has been terrible and just really not a window shopper. Next I gotta look for my shoes for the school event tomorrow, yeah Nuch figured that I will sure like cheap and looking good stuff, yeah I’m up for it!!

On the hunt for my “formal” shoes to wear for this event, it was so hard to look for an apropriate black pointed shoes with 4 inches heels 😦 I was thinking about Charles & Keith So bad yeah! So Singaporean, Wait a Minute….as I scanned around for the second glance to found this lovely black shoes not too high and it was Nong Nuch who picked that design for me she thought that was really classic yet sexy and when I tried to put them on… 

Taadaaaa…it didn’t look that bad after all cheap and good =)

Done with shopping now Nuch was kinda hungry and so am I, we headed over to Central Mall to eat Som Tum at Top Food court, I have not been here for quite a while…this place sure filled with many tourists, foreigners working and living here. We order like soo Many, Nuch still wanna have deep fried chicken to go along with Som Tum -_-!~ but she couldn’t finished it, yah and turned out I had to be the one who ended up with 2 packages of Sticky Rice…Right now I’m like so half awake writing this…Oh Man! Sticky Rice!

We ordered; Som Tum Pu Plara ( Papaya salad with salted steamed crabs and fermented fish), Som Tum Talay (Papaya salad with Seafood), Soup Noh Mai ( Bamboo Soup), Por Pieh Sod (Fresh Spring Rolls), Gai Thod (Deep fried chicken) and Chrysanthemum Drink.
I was too hungry so, yeah these are all I can take during that time. A Hungry man is an angry Man =) We had a good chat over dinner, talk about everything like relationship, men, clothes, and gossip about some useless and selfish men and what I’ve been doing in Singapore before I decided to join SPU. I must say ..umm I’m really disappointed with Som Tum Pu Plara =( the taste was like as though the Truck that transport Salt crashed over the tree and spilled the Salt all over the Papaya’s tree T_T I couldn’t enjoyed that dish at all , I was hoping that it was gonna be good.

 I had a great time, shopping a bit here and there..Oooohhhh Hot Goss! I saw the guy whom I used to date back in 2005! he was with his girlfriend! LOL and he was kinda shocked a bit; as I teased him that I’m out with Nong Nuch as what a new lovebirds would normally do when we are in LOVE LOL!….and  finally I dropped by Charles & Keith Store for a bit to check out if they have the latest collection from Singapore in-house…unfortunately even if they have I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it anymore! T_T its not like I’m still working in Clearstate and always drop by The Central to do Retail Therapy…Way Too expensive here! 

OMG I’m off to Bed the sticky rice is working its way down to my tummy and it gonna shut down my system *yawnnnn*


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