Post Sport Day Treat!

Well well well…SIC (Sripatum International College) is not that bad after all, especially when our senior made an announcement that There will be a lunch treat for international students who took part on the sport day event. Yeah! I thought they were gonna take us out to eat or something – ended up they called for The Pizza and KFC (most of them Love it so much!). I barely touched any of them – well at least I had like 2 pcs of Chicken Wings =P not a big fan of fast food; but if you ask me to choose between Subway and Pizza, Subway will sure win me over Pizza!

Enjoying the Pizza
one of the happiest man!
German classmate enjoying the treat ❤
Yum Yum!
Be careful dear you gonna choke!
busy working & eating (hard working!)
The happy sista
Can i join you guys?
one more for me pls.
look at the plates *_^
Off i go….we still have another class
God Bless you all & Have a splendid week ahead and Good Luck with Exams ka! xoxo..

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