I gotta Feelin’

I don’t believe in “breaks.” If I’m in a relationship and we’re having troubles, if we care about each other we work it out. If we don’t think it can be worked out we break up, but we don’t “take a break.”… In my opinion, taking a break is breaking up because it could go on indefinitely.”
I don’t know if anyone would agree with me on that, but hey! I respect individual perception on relationship because there is not fixed formula in finding happiness. This is not Algebra or Variable Equation whereby you have the standard formula to guide you in finding solution & answer. I am trying so hard to force my head and my heart to focusing on what it is in front of me; looks like gonna be really tough to do so…because your heart is the main control of our human lives and right now I’m feeling internally exhausted. Supposingly I should be studying for my midterm exams and seriously I have to be up&ready to rock the papers in 6 hours. Grrrr!!!! I can’t concentrate so just gimme a break for an hour or two =P
I have been thinking a lot about many things in my life, I guess Thailand helps me re-assessing, and prioritizing my life and my goal. At this point of time I have only my exams to think of and other domestic issues, but I try to put those unnecessary issues out of my brain so I can channel my energy fully to my study.
This is me thinking out loud! => Yet again, another disappointment, another let down. I hate it when someone says “I love you” when he/she never really mean what he/she said. I hate it when people abused “Love”. I told my friends that when someone said they Love you as in relationships, Don’t trust them – tell them to prove to you by actions, do whatever it takes prove it!! (Sigh…click and check my worksheets..nah okie gonna check my facebook now..someone sent me something)This is way too coincident; I received a message from facebook on one of the application called “God wants you to know” guess what it is about Love!!!! seems like God really know what I’m thinking that is kinda freaked me out a little. Here what it says

“Listen to the words, and you can be fooled. Look at the actions, and you can be fooled. Feel deeply into your heart, and then you will know the truth. Who makes your heart soar now? Well, what are you waiting for? “

I don’t know what that means though, but I am going back to study for my Microeconomics paper now. I just wanna rant it out I guess. BUT Conslusion of whatever I’m trying to say is that – use your heart to feel, trust your gut-feel, use your brain to think and analyze (sounds like self-preached) and let the power of God work it out. Have faith in God’s work because everything happens for a reason. I may somewhat lost faith and trust in the the opposite sex but it doesn’t mean that I will shut myself out from Love.
I guess I have the answer now =) Thank God!!
Good night Sin City and xoxo till we meet again

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