Sport Day

WoooHoooo…Sport Day was really fun and it reminded me of my childhood back then when I used to play lot of sports; i.e Football, Volley Ball, Chair Ball and Badminton. Well don’t ask me about now cos I simply can’t think about other stuff bu my study. My Midterm Exam is Coming!!!!! Major Headache, Mad Busy and insane scheduled of projects due are just slashing my throat. Arrgghh! But I love keeping myself busy though cos that means there’s no room for other stuff, even if I find any small tiny hole, I will quickly find something to fill it up! ^_^

Ohhh Yah! Guess what we SIC won the 3rd place for the Cheerleader competition, but we’ve got the 1st place for Female Basket ball!!! YAY YAY Congratz to all my girls! Girls Power!!! Our hard work finally paid off eh? up next is Lotus Game =) hohoho I heard Nong Nong said that Lotus Game they gonna work harder! Thats the spirit International College! We Rockz!

United we Stand even though we had a bad Hangover “)

nong Black & me

we had a great rehearsal before the actual day and a great coach I mean for the Cheer team, the girls put in their best for this…Im really proud of them! <3. Here are some pics from our post rehearsal with the team leader LOL it was fun trust me!

 Before we transformed into a Monster!!!
Nothing more Nothing Less to say but all I know is that we had a grweeeaaaaatt Time!!! I had a great time and enjoyed the activities – Both in Campus and out of Campus ^_^. Good Night everyone!! woop woop I have to study and finished up the rest of the assignments otherwise my Midterm exams will be like – Daze and  I Catch No ball@!

God Bless you all and God Bless the World

Signing off – You know where you can find me xoxo


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