Khao San Road ( Gazebo-The Roof Top-Lava-Roadside Cocktail-De’Cafe)

Another great night out, wrapped up the last part of our project by interview a random tourists who come to Thailand for holiday about a Social Networking Topic which seem to be the “in” thing nowadays. People hardly meet each other organically; the first contact will be online some website that help you look for friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and etc… so yup we went to Khaosan Road to interview them about this and here are some pics.

It was really really AweSOMe and Fun night!!! i didn’t know what else i could asked for more…sing dance food and get our work done!

one of our interviewee Lucas from Germany with Miranda
and Miss Mean – She’s Thai but Unique girl
Wala! we had our fun and we headed home like kinda sober LOL too many things in our heads but we are still hanging in there cos the next day we gotta present…Its gonna be freshly Baked from Oven Watch out Salil You are playing with Fire!!!!!
Good night Bangkok – Big Love!!!
God Bless the World & You all
You know where you can find me – xoxo – Signing off xxx

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