Study Hard…..Play Hard!

I have been having a peak of my life, nevertheless I still hold on tight to my mission is to study hard in the same time play hard (was too hard that i sort of lost track with my homework but i got myself back on track thought)

Had a blast week with my classmates and we did great job on projects..Phew!!! what a relieved but coming up next we’re gonna be pretty busy with School Activity – Sport Day-

Me & Joy – in maths class we were so clueless LOL
I wanted so bad to take part in futsal but TOO BAD they only have like Male Team HOHO, my friends are taking part in several activities like Cheerleader, Basketball, Chairball and Volleyball. No way I don’t want those but I will be a stand-cheer to give them my support! All the best mates!
The Charlie’s Angels – We all just arrived in class like less than 5 mins
Another interesting trip coming; also part of the course for Thai Studies, we’re going to visit the Siam Museum and I was kind of excited about it though its going to be a bit rushing here and there on that day. We’ll see =)
Nong Nong – in Thai means Younger Sister/Brother: Hard working eh =P
After all the activities are over the midterm exams will soon come knock on our doors and say “Hello Have yous studied for us?”  There are so many subjects which i still can’t really figure out what the Professors were trying to say but Thank God for everything – All things are possible!
The guys just working so hard for this subject – Principles of Marketing
I really have a long week – last week, I wasn’t feeling so great about myself….I wasn’t very productive and there was no impetus to create the most inspiring momentum whereby I get the inspiration from my school work and basically just everything, it was after my Birthday actually that Hit me so dang Hard! But I’m all right still=)
one of the most interesting friend i have in class =)
Well, recently I have been very busy with my school works, projects and well another activity that i might have to do is teach Chinese not teaching teaching, but helping to translate into English and help Thai students with pronunciation cos this is not something they learn since young. Well still on pending cos the campus can’t open the Chinese character file =( Suckz to the core!! not to mention -even the school staffs are sooo Farking Rude to the students, even though you approach them nicely, they will have one sort of attitude that give you the feeling like “what now again? you are so troublesome!”
The worst day!
I mean its not like you are one of the best University in Thailand, at least are you well-recognized in overseas those major universities? Please Man!!….. Not just that internet for the girl’s dormitory where i am residing in, someday it works someday it kinda dead and honestly we all have to pay though for the internet usage besides those huge amount of school fees we forked out. Not that i wanna complain but there are too many people been telling me this and i can’t avoid feeling irritated myself cos I, too pay for the in-room wireless network. Overall it was all right not that bad – well we all have to learn to survive yah nothing is peerrrfect in this world.
I was really bored and one of my classmate brought this up =P
A formal good friend came from Chiangmai to visit his friends…honestly he kinda mixed up with his gender so i normally called “her” not “he or him or his” whatever it is….I was kinda hesitated to go out to meet him as i know how crazy we will be if we were to join forces. Yet i still went anyway..To the Most Amazing place I’ve never been to..Thanks to him and his Hi-class good friend who happen to know that area so well so i wonder – what kinda work she does since she likes to belittle of people soooo freaking much…i hate this kinda bitches!
This is Surawong Road if i’m not wrong – and Patpong
He came to pick me up around 10 pm. Sweet – the traffic wasn’t so bad as it was on Monday LOL smart ass he knew that i will have afternoon class!
Patpong night market
My super cute friend
Well to my surprised we went to this place to meet his girl friend and she was the one who took us to watch “Fucked show” OMG I was so shocked!!!!
isn’t he lovely?
I cannot open my eyes…i could hardly breath not because i got horny but i felt so disgusted and i felt like throwing up on spot – i dried my Heineken so we can leave as soon as possible. Before i could finish my beer, the 2 guys that had their thingy into his partner thingy was like came to sit next to me and their skin touched my left arm as i was sitting so closed to my friends =( Gosh i was so scare!
camwhoring while waiting for his friend
Ok Let’s put it this way, i am not looking down on those people who are working at such a place, i’m sure they have their difficulties that no one could help them or they just need to do it for their living. I’m sure no one wanna work in this kinda place as we all have pride and dignity to begin with. After the Gay club we went to Scratch Dog at the basement of The Windsor Suite Hotel – Fucking expensive place but music was great!! I left that palace at this time
Yes Yes Yes! this is the time i left that day 5 going to 6 am =(
i had a great time and during the time i was on the way back to my dorm suddenly i had an idea of my life and how i wanna live it, being productive and healthy in the same time. So yippie!! I’m gonna hit the Gym to get my shape and tone up my shape!! woo hooo!! my friend already started without me…well the school Gym is really good this is one thing i like about this University =)  ❤ Love you Big time…i’ve already set my mind on going to Gym bought gear for it and now i’m working really hard towards achieving an average grades for my study…i toned down on party and drinking…another mission i’m gonna do is be a Vegetarian…i know i know is hard to do but like God said – NOTHING is Impossible! –
All right i’ve gotta hit the sack soon – been sleep very late recently due to the group projects and homework, I only have weekend to accomplish whatever i have to do – chores, revision for all the subjects and homework.
i feel pretty good with myself now that i am productive and i see the results of my hard work – ❤

Good night everyone – good night the world – Good night Bangkok and Party people
May God bless you all & God Bless the world and May peace be with you.
XOXO You know where you can find me -Signing off

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