Beautiful Weekend

I am so sorry my dear friends..i couldn’t join you guys for the gathering on Friday night..well there will always be Next time yah? but i guess i was kinda productive over the Friday night, Chill out and Dinner with Ma girl and we had a good chat over view of everything that been going on in our lives…

Saturday was kinda chill too even though some Shitty stuff happened and it was not really pleasant. Woke up with a STupid fucking shit missed call from some random guy that called me out of the blue and i declared many times that i do not wish to have anything to do with such a person yah so fucked up! Big time He was trying to messed with my head well I’m sorry boy you are not worth my time and i think it was a huge mistake having a friend like you. Sorry if you don’t like it here and if you really think that this place is filthy and Dirty but you get to Fucked girls around here without being responsible you are so dead wrong. But i could understand and i do show sympathy though cos girls in his country not as Hot as the girls here and he just a Dick head that doesn’t fit to be here but hell!


I have been under the weather so i went to see doctor haha turned out to be I am allergic to the weather changes and it was pretty bad, my friend went with me so kind of her. It was raining heavily and first time i saw Bangkhen area got flooded so bad lol!!!!

Gave mum a call and she was kinda sick and i am really concerned about her conditions, wish i am there with her and take care of her or at least cook for her like usual. I miss you mum.

Sunday was kinda hectic, Last minute cancellation and the hotel called again at 7 am in the morning, i was harassed by the guy living at the opposite building..Gosh i mean Thai guys please before Thai women abandon you all and start seeing all the foreigners men when they are actually not that great but piece of white TRASH! not that i am Anti-Men but i am Anti-Useless and Stuck up snobbish, full of yourself men. so Really! Seen too many kind of selfish men and i am kind of terrify of that!
OK i have got sooo many projects pushing my ass…and Midterm exams coming in less than 3 weeks Phew!!!! That kinda quick..anyway wish me luck…
Kinda tired and really need a good rest so im gonna crash really soon…
Good night Bangkok and You know where you can find me xxx
God Bless ya all! xxx

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