Friendship VS Relationship

First thing first; I have been really busy with projects and too many to catch up with so won’t be able to go out and have fun or take photo to update here until my Midterm exams are over; nonetheless I will try to keep my blog update!
I went to book store after school last week and grabbed a copy of Cleo Thai edition – and I came across this very interesting article, well it is written in Thai but I still find it very refreshing after reading and would love to share with you guys. 
She was talking about we girls; when we are in Love, of course we tend to treat our partners or boyfriends (or whatever you would like to called them) as more important than friends. Majority of girls that are in love or newly in love tend to disappear from the Girl Gang or Girl Night-out or any activities that the boyfriend dislike and slowly they drift away…Not just yet!!! You will see her face again when her boyfriend dumped her or when she sees the light. This is normal for some of people but not for me….. 
Why is that so? 
Most of people thought that as we grow older we will have less friends or “i don’t want anymore new friends but hell knows; you can’t promise or predict whoever gonna come into your life right. Also we tend to think that we have to get a stable boyfriend and settle down eventually so friends are not so important anymore(for those who think that Oh! he is the right one for me)… 
Big Time that is sooooo Dead wrong….
Why is that so….as i read the following questions i slowly realized that what friends are for and What men are for LOL.

1. who could makes you laugh out loud or fart or burp….without caring if you are gonna be pretty?
Ans: Friends 

2. When was the last time you went swimming with your friends – not swimming like for exercise or stuff but swimming as in chilling out – drink drank drunk by the pool, jump up and down and taking cute picture?
Ans: Many years ago I can’t remember and i had so much fun. 

3. when was the last time you go shopping with your friends, strolling & laughing and checking out the hot guys (even though you know he’s a gay) or even eat ice cream, catching up and gossip about the men that walk pass by? 

Ans: Never really..i’m not a shopping kinda person

4. Who you can always count on when you are sad or down, and make you dance like a monkey in the club without having to think of whoever gonna approach you?

Ans: Friends
These are pretty clear to me that friends are playing such an important part in everyone’s lives. My friends always asked me why am i so active or even hyper? ain’t I got tired? well, whenever I am with them i feel young and alive again, they are actually bring back the youth and the young me that i was missing. Thank you =)

Speaking of friends, here come the men; I have had many bad experiences with relationship and friendship with men and women but that doesn’t mean i will shut down myself and reboots my heart, wish i could. I still believe in Love and that God made the right one for me, sometimes he is just here yet or maybe he still wandering around in the atmosphere….

I don’t believe in entrusting your entire life or happiness in anyone’s hands. Be it whether your spouse or whoever that claimed to love you and will love you infinity or whatever that might be…please man! cos when you came out from your mum’s womb you came out alone, please don’t tell me that when you are dying in bed he is gonna die with you..NO WAY!! He’ll of course take sometimes to mourn or grief for the lost but slowly he will moves on and get on with his life and found someone new. 

Nowadays in this kinda society; men tend to treat women as an “option” this happens a lot in Thailand; not just Thai Men that practice this kinda habit but Foreigners living or Working in Thailand they tend to do it a lot too…cos they think they are good looking so they can choose who they wanna hang out with “Monday i’mma hang out with Manday, Tuesday i’mma Hang out with Tanya, Wed I’mma Hang out with Wendy”..i mean all that crappy things; and women here just don’t realize that they are actually one of the choice for them but i’m sure some of them realize but do not give a dang thing. 

cos one thing Men will never learned is that “Men can also be just an accessory for women” we can choose to wear you or leave you at home as we wish, but friends are always the bright shining stars around us that make us feel bright and shiny not dull and depressed! (well some does but just eliminate if they are bad friends =P)

Here I’m gonna end cos really have to rush with the marketing report: 
I believe that Happiness is in our own hands, all of us have a choice to make whether you wanna live happily or you wanna live in a misery. Wake up and go to toilet look at yourself in the mirror or just ask yourself before you leave your home. 
“who are you? and do you wanna be happy or sad? whatever comes your way take it and deal with it!!”

There is no guaranteed to forever happiness so yes we gotta keep ourselves happy. If you don’t allowed anyone to walk all over you…no one can and no one will…

There are always a better man and a good decent one out there – it just gonna take a long time to decide whether is he a good one – you just have to keep your eyes/option open. 

Be careful of the non-straight one =P 

God Bless the world and God Bless you all 

xoxo You know where you can find me

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