What a Day?

Ok…first thing first, I was rushing my report and powerpoint presentation for Thai Studies subject as my group was doing King Rama VII. I was doing great feeling fine…never thought the word “overwhelming” will come across my situation cos everyone has been doing their parts so does the Chinese sibling. I started feeling pretty bad after i had a crazy night and the 6 glasses of Vodka Martini nevertheless I survived!
I’m struggling on my own everyday after school cos i really don’t know what to eat…the food on my menu list..I ate almost everyday and kinda sick of it. LOL Kidding ya i meant, So many reports and projects coming up and midterm exams like knocking on the door but that doesn’t stop me from having fun and enjoying myself….
Secondly, when i was in my Thai Studies class; i sort of feel really annoyed by something which i couldn’t figure out even till now… after school went to get my hair done wash and curl…guess what..LESS THAN FREAKING HOUR MY HAIR GETS BACK TO MY NATURAL CURL WHICH I FIND A WASTE OF 180 THB TO GET IT DONE AND THEY SERIOUSLY NEED TO GO UPDATE THEIR HAIR STYLING AND SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! Far out man! FINE this one whats done is done no point talking about it. I just have to remember  not to go there for hair curl…and i have to learn to appreciate my natural curl more.
Lastly; this really pissed me off…a so called friend from Chiangmai came to Bangkok to learn Muaythai and he sort of like called me during class i got a bit mad cos i told him he could just drop me a text instead of just call. Far out! ok after hairdo and i got back to my dorm he called again, he asked if he can see me late i can’t duh i have early class tomorrow yah so he said he is going to meet with a girl his friend as she asked him out…well i said its fine but just not too late to meet pls…guess what this bastard….got ditched by this female friend and he called me and tell me last minute he is at the place nearby my area and he would like to meet me cos that girl canceled on him..i was already sleeping in bed comfortably like a little piglet….and i told him i can’t meet cos i already am in bed and i am really BEATS yah. Hung up the phone with him…Another one come text “You wasted my time” Big time im not gonna give a shit who da fark is this guy how dare him! so i called him back and told him what i thought wasn’t appropriate and stopped me from meeting him cos he took me as a back up plan and spare…Gone case he is so DEAD and GONE!
All right he’s gone now i am happy and i don’t have to put up with this kind of people ever again! Lord Bless him and May peace be with him. 

Good night Bangkok the city that will never sleep xoxo you know where you can find me

God bless the world


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