Student life in Bangkok

Hello again..seems like i have too many blogs but the fact is..hmmm the other was meant to be for one of my class and my subject so i can’t basically bitch about anything cos it will be monitor regularly for the submitted homework…yup yup..

ok back to my topic, i arrived in Bangkok on 9th August 2009 and it was a great day, been catching up with friends and settled my school stuff before school open and get ready for uniform and apartment. Met with a nice people and also i met with my ex-bosses……and now i am back to school and being a student on the first week sure make me feel T_T  but i’m all good now =)

Way Before that i was like working hard and party hard in Singapore…and here i am now =) studying and bury myself with books n assignments, however the party is still on whenever..wherever my mood takes me. I’m loving it here and living it ❤ looking forward to see and do more of stuff with my friends. Will still study hard..oh! I’m really rambling here…Good Sunday everyone!

xoxo God Bless you all!


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