Pizza & Bowling Treat

 whew whew!! we were so craving for Pizza the other day and yes we got it!!! we get to eat really good one =)
i love the pizza, but i still think the Greek salad doesn’t look good to me and definitely not nice..we gonna hit the bowling for some exercise..!! Yay! Yay!

Getting ready for Food and more!!!
the Ambience was not that bad except for the staff service wasn’t that is expensive T_T
Hmmm… we were like starving but i love the pizza sooooo much hahaha full of flavour!
enjoying food and the company =)
the Charlie’s angel =)
and The Bowling =) Time
and here we go! the process of digesting the food LOL
we’re about to knocked each other out the second round as we all gotten better and better 5555
 We were really crazy after the tests =) hungry and crazy so yup! no more retails therapy for me =(
That’s all People =) well…hope to upload more and Have a good week ahead xoxo God Bless you all!

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