Photo shoot with Hwa Seng – Before Leaving Singapore

Guys check out the pics well i have to admit…Hwa Seng is really good with what he is doing!!!

I feel really good when i saw this picture, well it was my first time and yes…i’m loving it!!
It was hard at first cos i really don’t know how to pose well…
and it was really like last minute invitation =) Thanks to Hwa Seng, we were suppose to go for Dinner after the shoot too with my friends and mum.
i like this picture the most cos of the facial expression and the eyes that send out the feeling…plus the light and the outer glow makes me look really good =)
I’m getting really worn down in this picture if you look at my face carefully =\

Ok that should be enough of it…too many pics and you will get sick of me, i will upload more of the party pics and places i go or even food!!!!!!! for now i have to go get my stuff done…cleaning and get myself back to assignments! Fun time is over!

Have a good Sunday Everyone!!!!! xoxo

God Bless the World


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