Fluke’s Belated Birthday Party @ Inch Ratchada

Celebrated Fluke’s Birthday or rather belated birthday @Inch well we girls Charlie’s Angel were drunk by 1 pm lol…it was crazy though and about 30 people turned up! Cheers!

Me & Mac
Lady Nit & Me (Well Miranda was late)
Miranda didn’t make it until like 11.30 pm and she missed the big part! found out later that she was home napped and i think she got her hair-cut before she left too!!! Maybe cos of the beer we had in the afternoon that caused her so tired!! =P
Me & Mac again first shot was kinda blur
Aite..Another party will come soon but not sure when…Lets hope yah! Good night peeps! and God Bless the World – Btw a friend of mine gave birth to a boy yesterday =D I am an Aunt hahah

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