Rainie Day in iBerry

I had a GWRREEEEAAATTT Time last night at the party and this could happen once in a while not all the time cos i don’t think i can afford to go out like a teenage girls like them anymore =) They were awesome people but too bad Lady Nit and Miranda couldn’t make it. Next time then….

went out to get some shopping done with my friend and it was raining heavily…so we went into this iBerry Cafe, my friend said that the owner probably get the idea from iPhone+BlackBerry =) yah and i thought that he was so funny =P

Honestly, the waiters took like almost 30 minutes to made a mango smoothie and hot chocolate for mean and the taste wasn’t that great too!. The service was terrible though the ambience was kinda nice and cozy. We went to Hong Kong noodle Cafe had a Yum Cha session too by the way “yum cha” is like drink tea eat dim sum =) typical Chinese style lol yeah and it was all right the food wasn’t that bad at all previously this place was “Mr. Meng Dim Sum”….

My friend he loves Chinese tea and Dim Sum =) yes i can’t believe it!……All right wanted to go out tonight but i didn’t go at the end and here i am blogging cos i have food poisoning again =( i don’t know whats wrong with my stomach and Thai food really…when i was in Singapore i eat heaps and i have no problem with it but right here right now in the Land of Smile I have food poisoning every week =( i’m gonna have to run some in-vitro diagnostic soon if that’s what required me to find out the cause of my food poisoning…
i’m gonna go off to bed soon i can’t take it anymore…=P tired and really feeling so sick now =(
Have a great weekend everyone Good night and God bless ya all =) xxxx

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