Thai Studies

Have you ever heard of this kind of sentence..or you could recalled back then when you were in your primary 5 or 6 English class with Teacher..No offense but really back then we didn’t speak well English because i have experienced that myself…nevertheless i have to thank all the teachers =)
“Good Afternoon teacher..How are you? I’m fine thank you and you..please sit down”

well it was really like a Robot back then because foreign teacher teaching in Thailand wasn’t that popular unless you come from a wealthy family that could afford to put their kids in a good school or international school otherwise send them overseas to study…this is just my point of view….

I was in Thai Studies class on Wednesday and the professor actually reading exactly from the Powerpoint presentation and as though like there was no life at all, but I have to admit that She may not be majoring in Thai studies or history cos she supposed to be teaching French! well I am so looking forward to join her French Class as i’m sure she is a great teacher so..don’t judge her by just one class!
However; i enjoy reading the handouts and the worksheet that was distributed and i really am grateful for the knowledge cos it is something new to me =) 
It is amazing how Thailand become what it is today, in case anyone of us wonder what is the word “Thai” means… it is simply mean “Free” so it is a “Free Land” there are so many new things i learned during the lesson

Having Principles of marketing class on Friday…lets keep our fingers crossed for me:) its not that i wanna be rude but i seriously think that the professor should somewhat compromise with the students!  I think he has done his best and he put his best effort in it… Let us all Study hard and pay attention in class!!

Will be going to one of my classmates Birthday =) probably….if only…..


Have a Great weekend ahead everyone and God Bless!!!! xxx


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