TGIF – Principles of Marketing Class

TGIF as i mentioned but i am more than happy for the fact that i have so many works to do =) plus i think i will surely learn a lot during this short period of time next week we will have quiz coming up for Thai studies and College Maths, well i wish everyone best of luck…..and we have only one month to go for our midterm exam in mid October onwards…well All the best =)

I have a great time in class as usual though i exchanged words with my professor about the question that he asked and it wasn’t clear enough for the rest of the classmates to understand, however later on he elaborate and give us all the clearer picture of what he wanted to find out…phew!!! that’s when i felt so relieved!

it was really fun to have a group work project and having to do research on certain topic is what i adore the most at this point of time, not saying that i can sit in front of the computer for 24/7…i will get bored too easily too.

It is one of my classmate Birthday today “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ka Nong Nuch” All the best in everything..Good luck in your study and Stay Healthy na ka =) God bless her too!

I’m doing my homework and lunch at the Dorm right now feeling kinda sleepy ^_^ ate too much and feeling lazy again =\ Might have to go to the birthday party tonight..we shall see….

Have a blast weekend everyone xoxo God bless you all!


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