Culture and Society Class

One of the Most Interesting Class I’ve attended so far besides the Access to Library and Information System! I must admit that Professor Uthairat really knows how to captured our focus and she does know how to teach bunch of monkey like us. Besides, the subject was super interesting it is about the different cultures and  and cross culture. It is always nice to know and understand about other cultures, I think this is how we learn to appreciate the beauty of differences in life.

Started to settle in with my schedule and classes, my classmates are really adorable; they are young and so lively lol but I am Hyperactive i mean it! i hope to bring laughter and joy to others and hope that my multi-lingual ability will be able to apply in some way to help others too. My only goal is to graduate, get it over with never really thought so much of anything before i left Singapore, but i must say I’ve got a good balance now =). Thank God

Tomorrow SIC (Sripatum International College) will be having the cross culture activity which we will have one of the professor from French language class, she will be a guest speaker and promote our activity. It is going to be really fun!

I think i should go off soon…Homework kinda nudging me to start working on it =) started to get busy with the assignments and homework. 

Good night everyone and God Bless you all!

P.S don’t really have time to take pictures, but promise will really get one soon =)


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